PLASTIC WRAP - What to do with it?

We know to recycle plastic bottles and containers.  And we know to avoid plastic bags.  

But what about all the thin, filmy plastic wrapping that still finds its way into our home?  

In most places, plastic bags, plastic wrap and plastic film cannot be put in your residential recycle cart. Generally, that is for hard plastics only (check your city to find out which hard plastics they accept).  Thin, filmy plastic can get caught in and break recycling equipment.  

So what do you do with all the plastic wrap?

1) First-off, take notice of all the places you find it and try to avoid buying items wrapped in plastic, if possible.  It is often found as an outer layer to packages like toilet paper, paper towels, etc. (This is called "over-wrap").  But you can also bring your own reusable produce and bulk bags to the store to avoid a lot of it.  
2) Designate a place to collect it (at home and the office).
3) Re-use any plastic bags that are in good shape (ex: bread bags).
4) All of the other plastic bags, plastic wrap, plastic over-wrap, plastic film etc., so long as it is CLEAN and DRY and not in direct contact with food residue (food or cling wrap) or excessively painted or glued, gather it up together and...
5) Take it back to your local grocery store or to one of the many locations that offer "plastic bag" recycling!