10 Sustainable Stocking Stuffers 2017

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This year, my goal is to have all eco-friendly stocking stuffers and fortunately it will be easy!  There are so many great finds...and here is a basic starter list of 10 ideas for you!  

1) Wool Dryer Balls - Everyone needs these.  They take the place of dryer sheets, and they help dry clothes quicker, which saves energy.   And you can add essential oils to them if you like a fresh scent on your clothes. 

2) Stainless Steel Straws - Hop on board the movement to rid the world of plastic straws - it feels great!  These are such a wonderful, welcome addition to any home.  

3) Lava Foot File - I will admit, I was using a wasteful alternative, prior to finding this wonderful sustainable solution to foot care.  I'm so happy I found this!

 4) Biodegradable Golf Tees - For the golfer in your life, this is a no brainer! 

5) Reusable Water Bottle - A classic, for everyone.

6) Bamboo Travel Utensils - A great way to make it easy for your loved ones to practice zero waste (on the go).  

7) Razor (Made from Recycled Plastic) - Go full circle with your recycling, by buying products made from recycled materials.  I love Preserve products! 

8) Rechargeable Batteries - Make the switch this year, from disposable to rechargeable.  

9) Bees Wrap - A sustainable and reusable food storage alternative!

10) Pet Food Cover - Don't forget about the pet stockings.  Give your pets some green love this year too! 

Kelly Buskirk, Kelly Green Consultant LLC

About Kelly Green Consultant:  Hi!  I'm Kelly Buskirk.  I currently live in Austin, TX, but I first got involved in sustainability when I was living on the island of Kauai, and a landfill was proposed by neighborhood.   I made the conscious shift to live a zero waste lifestyle and transform the business I was managing from great, to green!  My intention is to tread lightly on the planet, by reducing toxins and waste in my life and help others do the same in their life and business.   Join me on my Zero Waste + Green Living quest!