12 Upcycled Gifts on Etsy

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Are you looking for unique, recycled and/or hand-made gift items?  Upcycling,  or creative reuse, is the process of transforming something from its original use into something new!   Etsy is now my go to source for upcycled items that are super unique and made from materials that would normally be thrown away.  So I'm excited to share some of my favorite green and sustainable finds on Etsy, in hopes that you can enjoy sustainable gift giving this year. 

1) Upcycled Cork Rubber Clutch - OMG - Tell me what woman wouldn't love this?

2) Wood Swing Shelf - Made from reclaimed leather & wood

3)  Upcycled Leather Tassel Earrings  - I'm so happy to see leather scraps put to use in such an adorable way!

4) Bike Inner Tube wallet - What a cool wallet.  I’m so impressed. 

5) Upcycled Upholstery Makeup Bag- So cool and durable. 

6) Seatbelt Wallet - Yes!  A wallet made from seatbelts!

7) Reclaimed Triangle Shelf - I love these beautiful, sustainable pieces of wall art for crystals, plants, you name it.  In-love. 

8) Upcycled Arm Warmers - I think these are so unique and fun. 

9) Picture Frame by E - vinyl  - Such a creative use of an old record! 

10) Wine Bottle Soy Candle - Be sure to always look for 100% essential oils, vs. fragrance. 

11) Bottle Spoon Rest - This makes a simple statement about sustainability.  

12)  Inner Tube Bracelet - I have one of these and its my favorite to wear with swimsuits because its made of inner tubes!