How to Green Your Life in One Easy Step!

Step 1 (the only step):  Hire a Green Consultant!  

Do you want to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle but don't have the time to DIY?  Do you want to use greener, more earth-friendly products for cleaning and personal care, but are overwhelmed at making these changes?  Are you interested in creating less household waste (and reducing your family's carbon footprint), but don't know where to begin?  

We now know that our "stuff" accounts for over 40% of our carbon footprint.  (Meaning, that what we buy and what we eat, is more impactful on the earth than the car we drive or how we heat our homes.)  

If you want to lesson your personal impact on climate change and live a more sustainable lifestyle, then hiring a Green Consultant is a great choice for today's busy family.  Just like you could choose to hire a professional to clean or baby proof your home, greening your home can be something you choose to leave to a professional.  

Kelly Green Consultant, LLC offers hand-on, customized green living solutions for your family.  We have 3 packages to choose from, ranging in time from 1 to 3 hours.   As your personal green consultant, Kelly will come to your home and do a no judgement, friendly, walk-though of your home.  Depending on the package that your choose, this is everything from your shoe policy at the front door, to the products you use in your home, to how your family handles trash/recycling/composting.  This is your opportunity, in one quick consultation to see what you are already doing great and where you can make changes to be the most effective in your meeting your green goals with ease.  

If you are ready to make the leap to a greener lifestyle, this one easy step, will save you tons of time, so that you can start treading lighter on the planet and being part of the climate change solution.