Austin's Hidden Green Gem

A trip to Austin's Recycle & Re-Use Drop-Off Center is a powerful boost of green energy, to get you through any environmental insomnia that you may be having these days.  This is a one stop location that takes all your hard to recycle items and gives you a big thank you gift in return!  I know it sounds too good to be true, but it's not!  If you have not visited this amazing hidden gem in Austin, you are seriously missing out.  And if you are worried that it is going to be a hassle in anyway, let me put those worries to rest and tell you what to expect.  


Here's how it goes... THE most friendly employee greets you at the drive up booth and bam,  just like that, your day suddenly gets brighter.  Trust me, he's that friendly.  So, not only are you here to do good by the planet, but the employees who work here are warm and welcoming.  My green/happiness radar goes off the charts at this place.


At the drive up booth, you give your zip code and you say what you have brought to recycle.  I brought with me a trunkful of various recyclables that I had accumulated in my garage over the past couple of months.  These are items that are not allowed in our curbside blue bins, but are very much recyclable.   On this particular day, I brought with me: paint, styrofoam packaging material, batteries, cork wine stoppers, an old cell phone and a few small electronics.

The process is similar to a hospital, where you follow the colorful lines on the ground to get to your destination, except here you stay in your car and drive.  It sort of feels like you are on the Autopia ride at Disneyland (I asked and apparently, I am not the first to think so).  


After dropping off all of my recyclables, which took no time at all,  I made one last stop....for FREE MULCH (and you can also get Austin's own re-blended paint for free)!  Yes, that's right!  In addition to cleaning out my garage, and doing right by the earth, I got to take as much free mulch as I could load up.  I went right home and beautified my front yard and mulched my native plants, all for free.


If you have not yet visited this wonderful facility that we have in Austin, I strongly encourage you to do so.  And if you want to get more involved, you too, can become a Zero Waste Block Leader for the City of Austin.  

For more information & a full list of accepted items, visit:  Austin Recycle and Re-Use Drop-Off Center