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***IMPORTANT UPDATE:  The City of Austin has just renewed its Zero Waste Business Rebate.  Qualified business can receive up to $1,800 in reimbursements for expanding their zero waste program (and pay for consulting fees)! 

Green businesses are growing fast, outpacing conventional businesses.   And waste, is bad for business.  In order to take your business from great - to green, we provide customized zero waste solutions, set & implement sustainability goals & provide powerful messaging to communicate your authentic green accomplishments to your customers.

Our Service include:

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-Zero Waste Assessment

-Green product sourcing

-Hauler comparison & contract negotiations

-Employee education & engagement

-ZERO WASTE BUSINESS REBATE assistance (Qualifying Austin businesses can earn up to $1,800 in rebates to start, expand or improve recycling, composting or other zero waste programs.)

-Green Business Leader Application 

-TRUE Zero Waste Facility Certification:  (Formerly US Zero Waste Business Council Facility Certification):  Assistance in the entire application & certification process


Complete Green Business Consulting Steps:

1) Assessment

2) Goal & Strategy Development 

3) Implementation (waste contracts, capital improvements, signage, bins, etc.)

4) Employee Engagement & Training

5) Messaging & Reporting (website, social media, etc.)


Austin, TX Consulting Services:

-Zero Waste Business Rebate (up to $1,800) Application!!!

-Compliance with Austin's URO (Universal Recycling Ordinance), for both Recycling and Organics (composting) requirements. 

-Annual Diversion Plan (URO requirement)

-Employee recycling education (URO requirement) 

-Austin Green Business Leader Application