I spent tens of hours researching on how to eliminate poly bags from my apparel business. The more I searched the more I became convinced there was not a solution. After spending a short time with Kelly she not only invigorated my belief that we could change the bags, she produced bulls eye resources that I did not unearth in my own searches. She provided case studies and educated me about the futurists in my industry who are making the changes. I highly recommend working with Kelly not only to get things done but to be in the arms of someone who is thinking critically about the reasons we are doing it.
— Deidre, Owner, CuratorSF.com
Her enthusiasm in all she does shines through and is contagious, affecting those around her in their spirit and movement to action.
— Susan
Her level of commitment to her job, her professionalism and hard work were extraordinary. Kelly truly dedicates herself to the work she loves, and you would be incredibly lucky to have her working for you.
— Alexander, Owner, Alexander Day Spa & Salon
Kelly’s personal character may be described as a tremendously responsible, conscientious, hard working, caring and intuitive. She is a team player who is known for her competency, integrity, and cooperation with other staff members and volunteers. I have no doubt that she is committed to the highest level of professional standards. I heartily recommend Kelly to you without hesitation.
— Kathy